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Promerix enhances Senator Maziarz's Facebook Page

Promerix enhances Senator Maziarz's Facebook Page

Friday, May 28th, 2010

NEWFANE, NY — Promerix was sought out to provide custom Facebook Page development to enhance the Facebook Page of Senator George D. Maziarz of New York State's 62nd Senate District.

Promerix created two custom tabs titled "Road Map" and "Stay Updated" that have been included in the Senator's official Facebook Page.

In the "Road Map" tab, fans of Senator Maziarz gain access to an interactive map that highlights the areas visited by the Senator over the past two years. In the "Stay Updated" tab, Facebook users can sign up to receive updates from Senator Maziarz's office.

While most users are limited in what they can do with their Facebook Pages, Promerix has the expertise to create and develop many custom options that will help their Facebook Profiles and Pages stand out from the rest.

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