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Search engine optimization in three easy steps

Search engine optimization in three easy steps

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Search Engine OptimizationIt's safe to say that the days of manipulating search engine rankings are coming to an end. Companies used to be able to flood their websites with keywords and key phrases in hopes of landing on that ever-elusive first page.

This method among others led to websites being designed for SEO purposes and not for enriching the user’s browsing experience. Thankfully, search engines are getting smarter by the day and this will lead to better internet browsing for all.

So the question remains: how do I optimize my website in 2011?

At Promerix we believe in three simple and effective ways to optimize your website's search engine presence.

Smart Design and Proper Structure

The first and most important step before your company should consider additional SEO techniques is making sure your website is designed and developed properly.

Websites that contain good structure are ones that are not only designed for the end users but are programmed and coded in a way that promotes search engine visibility.

Does your website make proper use of HTML tags like headings?  Do all the pages on your website have SEO-friendly URLs? Does your website load faster by utilizing CSS techniques? These little things go a long way in helping boost your rankings.

Additionally, websites that are designed and developed properly can make better use of the limited space you have to engage your visitors. We often recommend utilizing content sliders on home pages, tabs to help break apart long content pages and CSS drop down menus to provide proper linking to your content.

Now more than ever, companies should consider revamping their websites every one to two years. This will allow your designers and developers to make use of current technologies and techniques. And if your website was built properly from the start, revamping a website should only be a fraction of what it cost to develop it originally.

Relevant and Current Content

After you make sure your website is properly designed and developed, the next step is making sure it contains relevant and current content.

To an extent you will want your website’s code and structure to focus on SEO, not your content. When a user comes to your website, it should contain the information they want to see and not what you want search engines to see.

It’s always a good idea to go through your entire website and update the content a few times a year. Too many companies will let the content sit untouched for years only for it to become severely outdated.

Blogs are also a great way to add relevant and current content to your website. Even if you can only do it once a month, adding quality blog posts that pertain to current issues in your industry can be a major driving force to moving your website up the search engine ladder.

Social Media and Link Building

After making sure your website is properly structured with relevant content, you’ll need to take your SEO fight to other battlegrounds. That’s because Search Engine Optimization doesn’t stop with your website, it only begins there.

If you haven’t yet, your company should have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that links back to your website. Don’t use the excuse that social media doesn’t pertain to your company or industry. You’ll be missing a great opportunity to easily promote your website for FREE.

With Facebook’s Pages and LinkedIn’s Company Pages, you can essentially build additional content landing pages on networks that contain millions of users.

Twitter might be hard for some businesses to comprehend but get creative with it. Offer specials to your followers or simply add links to news or blogs posted on your website.

If you have the ability to do videos, make sure to setup a page on YouTube for your company and highlight your products, services and projects.

Don’t forget to add and manage your company’s presence on websites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, Yahoo Local, White Pages and so on. And don’t be afraid to engage your clients to post reviews about your company on these websites.

Finally, make sure you have links on your website to all your social media pages.


It’s no exaggeration that the algorithms used by Google, Yahoo and Bing to determine placement in their search engines change on a daily basis.

Regardless of these changes, you will always notice a dramatic increase to your search engine rankings if you have a well-developed website with relevant content and an active social media presence. It may take a few months but the effort you put into these three areas will be well worth it.

While you can accomplish many of the recommendations made in this post on your own, feel free to contact Promerix to find out how we can take your company’s web presence to the next level.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Promerix services clients of all sizes with customized web solutions including web design, development, content management systems, ecommerce, social media integration and search engine optimization.

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