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Websites developed by Promerix ranked 4th nationally

Websites developed by Promerix ranked 4th nationally

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

HOUSTON — The Entercom Radio of Buffalo websites – all developed by Promerix – rank fourth nationally in terms of market penetration as determined by The Media Audit.

New analysis from The Media Audit shows that radio station websites, when aggregated, are beginning to have an impact as far as increasing the overall reach of a radio station cluster in a local market. The study, conducted among 84 U.S. markets between Spring 2005 and Winter 2006, aggregates data on radio websites visited in the past month for each market and calculates the unduplicated net reach of the radio station cluster and its related web sites.

Promerix developed and continues to manage the WGR-AM, WBEN-AM, WKSE-FM, WTSS-FM, WLKK-FM, WWWS-AM and WWKB-AM radio station websites that serve the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Region. Such market penetration is uncommon for a non-Top 50 market such as Buffalo. The far reach of these radio stations has helped Entercom Buffalo raise revenue by well over $150,000 per year.

The figures were derived from a proprietary data analysis tool offered by The Media Audit and can be applied to any consumer target group such as adults who plan to purchase a new vehicle to heavy fast food eaters or adults who shop a specific retail store, for example.

Jeff Haley, in his new role as President of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), comments, “Selling radio web sites is an important part of our business. As a result, radio stations are exploring the Internet space and experimenting with ways to monetize it.” Haley offers examples of successful cross-platform selling strategies as the ones that match the client’s needs. “That’s really the key to a successful cross-platform campaign. It’s about maximizing the available platforms strategically to achieve a specific client’s goal.” While Haley comments that radio website advertising currently makes up 5% of a radio station’s total revenue on average, he believes the figure could be as much as 10% in the future.

While The Media Audit analysis is based on aggregated data, some local radio station websites may appear individually in local market reports. The Media Audit provides radio audience data on radio stations listened to during the past seven days and station listened to “Most Often”. The Media Audit measures radio station web sites based on adults who visited during the past 30 days. Through its proprietary data analysis software program, users are able to conduct multi-media analysis for TV, radio, newspaper, outdoor, direct mail and Internet audiences.

For a copy of this report, visit The Media Audit booth at the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Conference February 8 through 11 in Dallas, or contact The Media Audit.

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