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Did you know that a large portion of your consumers decide the credibility of your company simply based on the design and functionality of your website. Do you have a website? Is your website professional looking? Is it mobile- and user-friendly? If you fail to impress in any of these areas, you are losing potential customers. At Promerix, we design and develop high-end responsive websites that provide your visitors with a consistent brand experience across all devices.

A responsive website adapts its layout to the size of the device used to access it. RWD – responsive web design – utilizes a grid-based system and flexible image sizes that shift your content around as needed. That means no more pinching and pulling your mobile screen to zoom in and navigate around areas of your website.

Having a responsive website in 2014 is paramount to the success of your online presence. In fact, web browsing on tablet and mobile devices has already surpassed laptops and desktops. We can also attest to the significant increase in conversion rates and goals on responsive websites designed and developed by Promerix.

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Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Multi-device Compatibility

One of the many benefits of a responsive website from Promerix is that you no longer need multiple versions of your site geared for specific devices. A responsive website is simply built and optimized for all devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Your website's content will automatically adjust depending on the size of the device accessing it.

Search Engine Preferred

Search engines like Google prefer crawling and indexing websites built on a responsive platform. A responsive website means that search engines only need to index one URL per page. That means you save time and money when trying to optimize your website. Additionally, responsive websites rank higher in search results for users on mobile devices.

Higher Conversions

Whether your goal is getting inquiries from customers or selling products on your ecommerce site, a responsive website delivers higher conversions. Promerix has seen significant increase in conversions on the responsive websites we've developed over the past two years compared to their previous non-responsive counterparts.

Lowers Bounce Rates

A high bounce rate tells search engines that your website isn't providing quality content. A responsive website ensures your pages are easy to read and navigate which is proven to lower bounce rates across all devices – especially phones and tablets. With significant traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important your users can easily interact with your site.

Easier Content Management

A responsive website designed and developed by Promerix means you save time and money when it comes to updating your content. Since your responsive website works seamlessly across all devices, you only need to update your website once through a content management system like our own RapidCMS.

Ahead of the Curve

In the business world, you need to stay ahead of your competition. RWD is mainstream in 2014 but it's still a relatively young approach, so chances are that many of your competitors have not taken advantage of it yet. That won't last as just about every website being built today is using the responsive approach.

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