Promerix Admin

Content Management System

Customized and Easy-To-Use CMS

Managing Your Website Made Easy.

Promerix Admin – our customized content management system – will make updating your website quick, simple, and free. Our system is a search engine-friendly, browser-based content management system that was developed by the Promerix Development Team after studying how our clients managed their websites and applications on a daily basis. And unlike other proprietary CMS software, we don't charge you monthly fees.

Unmatched Efficiency

Unlike many other solutions, which require hundreds and sometimes thousands of dependent files to operate, Promerix Admin was developed and optimized for front-end and back-end efficiency.

Popular Features

Promerix Admin is customized for each project to provide each client with the exact features they want and need. It can also be integrated with popular APIs like Google Analytics to provide real-time reporting.

Custom Applications

With a framework that is extremely powerful and adaptable, Promerix Admin has been customized for ecommerce websites, for internal organization applications, and for vast intranet applications.

Build for you, built to expand.

Promerix Admin streamlines the many typical updates companies make to their websites by providing an extremely intuitive and easy-to-understand application experience.

In fact, most people can log into their secure Promerix Admin application and begin updating their website within minutes, without any formal training.

Promerix Admin is built on a responsive application platform meaning you can easily and rapidly manage your website from any internet-connected device – including all smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

We customize Promerix Admin for each and every project meaning you'll be using a system that's completely optimized for your specific requirements. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't try to fit your requirements into a platform like Wordpress.

Because Promerix Admin is extremely modular, Promerix can easily add new features and functionalities that will make managing your website an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Features Designed For Efficiency

Unlike other boxed solutions, Promerix Admin provides the exact features you need.

Real-Time Updates

No need to wait. Promerix Admin allows you to make real-time changes to your website.

Responsive Platform

Update from anywhere and any device. From your desktop at work to your phone on a beach.

Page Manager

Easily add, update and remove pre-styled pages to your website in just a few clicks.

Navigation Manager

Manage navigational menus, sidebars and other links throughout your website.

Search Engine Friendly

Control your meta tags, page URLs, titles and descriptions as well as other built-in SEO functionalities.

User Management

Add, update and remove authorized users from your Promerix Admin application.

Modular Application

New features and functions can be easily added to your Promerix Admin application.

Customized Application

Each Promerix Admin instance is thoroughly customized for each individual client.

Code Efficiency

Promerix Admin generates efficient HTML pages that have clean, clear, and concise source code.

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