Charlotte, NC

Genesys Global

Genesys Global is a lighting solutions company that provides world class service and products to commercial and industrial customers. Their patented gHID technology is the most energy efficient, durable, and cost effective lighting product on the market.

Genesys Global

The Objective

Genesys Global required an updated website for their patented gHID lighting products. After developing their core gHID technology in 2009, Genesys needed a website that would help educate decision makers looking for cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions that could be utilized at locations such as auto dealers, cargo ports, sea ports, commercial and retail stores, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.

The Solution

Promerix developed a fully-responsive website for Geneys Global that educates potential buyers on their patented gHID technology. The website features a custom saving calculator that helps consumers estimate the cost savings of switching to gHID lighting. Powered by Promerix Admin content management system, Genesys Global staff is able to easily maintain their website and access analytical data of users that engage the site.

Services Provided

Promerix did a full refresh on our website and they were easy to work with, good with communication, and receptive to all of our requests and requirements. We are very happy with the finished product and their customized content management system makes site updates and new pages a breeze. We highly recommend working with Promerix.

Adam Benlifer

Marketing Director – Genesys Global
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